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Chemistry Central Journal is evolving to BMC Chemistry

Chemistry Central Journal has served the chemistry community as a trusted open access resource for more than 10 years – and we are delighted to announce the next step on its journey. In January 2019 the journal will be renamed BMC Chemistry and strengthen the BMC series footprint in the physical sciences by publishing quality articles and by pushing the boundaries of open chemistry.

All published articles, and those to be published from 2019, will be hosted on the new website (under construction, will go live in 2019) and will continue to be available on SprinkerLink. For further information please refer to our recent blog and list of FAQs explaining this change in more detail. For additional queries feel free to contact the Editor at


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    Authors: Andrew SID Lang and Jean-Claude Bradley

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Aims and Scope

Chemistry Central Journal publishes peer-reviewed open-access articles in all areas of chemistry. The journal comprises nine subject sections:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biological Chemistry
  • Environmental & Energy Chemistry
  • Food Science
  • Green & Sustainable Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Materials & Polymers
  • Organic & Medicinal Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry​​​​​​​

Editors' Profiles

R. Stephen Berry is James Franck Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Chemistry at the University of Chicago.

Research interests include the study of protein folding and interaction, atomic collisions, thermodynamics, efficient use of energy resources, nanoscale particle behavior, and intellectual property and electronic scientific communication.

King Kuok (Mimi) Hii is Professor of Catalysis at Imperial College London.

Research interests include the development of catalytic methodologies for atom- and step-efficient synthesis.


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